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The Opportunity

There are over 5 million 6-12-year-olds in the UK and they all need future skills to succeed.
Parents are keen for their children to learn 21st-century skills – not only coding and digital media, but also communication, collaboration and design thinking. Students want fun ways to create and not just consume with technology. Fire Tech has developed over 20 curricula that deliver these skills to young people using fun and engaging project-based learning.
When you invest in a franchise you have access to all of our curricula and delivery materials. We estimate that running afterschool clubs four afternoons a week and two weekend tech clubs on  Saturdays can allow you to earn a salary equivalent to many full-time school teachers.
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Bring high-demand 21st century skills to young people in your community

89% of parents think digital making is a worthwhile activity for their children and 82% of young people are interested in digital making. Fire Tech partners are bringing digital experiences to families across the country!
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0 Educational Experiences

Fire Tech have delivered over 10,000 educational experiences to children from Manchester to Melbourne

0 Locations

Fire Tech operates in 15 markets around the world

0 Curricula

Over 20 proprietary curricula designed to educate, engage and inspire.

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We've trained over 200 passionate tutors to inspire the next generation of innovators

We Make It Easy For You To Launch A Successful Business

Launch clubs in your area and develop a meaningful business AND deliver positive social impact.
  • You don’t need coding or deep technical experience
  • Get structured curricula and training to make delivery consistent and easy
  • Receive top-notch support to help your business succeed
  • Access online tools that make bookings and preparing for courses a breeze

What students and parents say


Junior Coding student

I always wanted to build an app that did restaurant reviews and I finally got the chance to do it, it was so exciting. Maybe one day I'll compete with Uber Eats.``

Fire Tech Parent

``My son has gained proven knowledge and skills from attending Fire Tech. His computing teacher commented on this improvement and enthusiasm, that he finishes any assignments in half the time, with excellent grades.``

Robotics Student

``In school we did coding but I didn't understand a single thing. I didn't pay attention. But now I understand everything because you make things simple and it's really fun. I’m limitless``

Our Products

After School Classes (ages 6-12)

We have a range of afterschool courses covering robotics, video games design, coding, and more. We can train non-technical people to deliver these fun and educational courses.

Weekend Tech Clubs (ages 9-12)

Our exploratory club that brings new tech to young people for two hours each Saturday. Students explore art, coding, and problem-solving as they get to grips with the latest technologies.

Holiday camps (ages 9-12)

During school holidays, offer 2-day, 3-day or full week courses in topics from Video Game Design to Robotics to Jr Engineering. All courses use project-based learning and students come away with fully developed projects to share with friends and family.

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